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St Peter's Girls'

Tennis Coaching

Term 4, 2023

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Welcome to the enrollment page for tennis coaching at St Peter's Girls' School. This program is independently managed by Tiger Tennis at St Peter's. Coaching is specifically offered to Year 3 - Year 6 students. Lessons in term 4 will be held each day during the lunch time period and will run over 7 consecutive weeks.
Each lesson focuses on a particular stroke where your daughter will be taught the correct grips, footwork and technique. An introduction to the scoring system will also be covered. Hand-eye coordination drills will also be focused on. Our coaches are accredited with the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association (ATPCA). We endeavor to keep the student to coach ratio low so enrolments will be excepted on a first in, first served basis.

More Information

If a lesson has to be canceled due to inclement weather then the parent or guardian will be notified by text message on the lesson day and a catch up session will be re-scheduled later in the term. Students are to bring their own hat and drink to the tennis lesson.
The girls can wear their PE uniform or stay in their school uniform but must wear their sneakers.

Tennis Racquets

The correct size racquet will be supplied for those that choose to purchase a junior racquet with their enrollment below. The school will loan racquets to those students who do not own one.

Coaching Times

Lunch Sessions (1:00 - 1:45pm)
Year 3 (Mon)
Oct 23 - Dec 4
Year 4 (Tues)
Oct 24 - Dec 5
Year 5 (Wed)
Oct 25 - Dec 6
Year 6 (Thurs)
Oct 26 - Dec 7


If you would like to enroll your daughter then please complete and submit the online form below before Friday 20th Oct to secure your daughter's position. If you have any further questions then please email the team at
*Part terms cannot be purchased. Lessons are non-refundable unless negotiated for an extended illness.


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