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Hot Hits Coaching

Term 3, 2024 (Sunday Mornings)

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The Tiger Tennis Hot Hits program is a coaching tool (under ITF guidelines) that provides the platform to technically develop young children at an earlier stage by providing a structured, ‘play the game’, fun environment. The Hot Hits program uses a system of modified courts, racquets and balls enabling a progressive pathway of junior coaching from 4 years of age onwards.
Hot Hits scales the game down to enhance the learning process, making the game more attainable - increasing the level of fun. Learning efficient footwork, movement and balance is facilitated through the use of slower balls. These low compression balls are designed to bounce lower (and move through the air slower) to suit the height of young players. The program promotes challenges within a fun /safe structure and environment. Hot Hits offers a holistic and practical approach to tennis education based on modern tennis coaching equipment/aids, and modern teaching methodology.
Experienced children will still be coached on a full size court.

Term 3 Coaching Dates:

Sun 4th Aug - Sun 15th Sep | 9:30-10:15am
Cost: $165.95
Each lesson focuses on a particular stroke where the student will be taught the correct grips, footwork and technique. An introduction to scoring will also be covered. Hand-eye coordination drills will also be focused on. We endeavor to keep the student to coach ratio low so enrollments will be excepted on a first in, first served basis.


At the end of the term, certificates of achievement are given to all children, reminding them of the importance of participating and working towards a goal.


Tiger Tennis (Kensington Lawn Tennis Club - 432 The Parade, Kensington Gardens, SA).

More Information

If a lesson has to be be canceled due to inclement weather then the parent or guardian will be notified by text message on the lesson day and a catch up session will be re-scheduled at the end of term.

Tennis Racquets

The correct size racquet will be supplied for those that choose to purchase a junior racquet with their enrollment below.


If you would like to enroll your child then please complete and submit the online form below before Wed 31st July to secure position. If you have any further questions then please email the team at
*Part terms cannot be purchased. Lessons are non-refundable unless negotiated for an extended illness.


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