"I would like to inform you how impressed I am with Steve, he is an outstanding coach and his demeanor with the boys is wonderful. The boys have improved out of sight since commencing coaching in term 1 of this year from never having any form of coaching before. Both Tom (8) and Dylan (6) are enjoying themselves and are thrilled they can now have a rally with Steve. I feel fortunate we have Steve as a coach. Thank you again". - Jo Waugh

"Hi Dane, Ava thoroughly enjoyed the tennis coaching clinic this week! Thank you for offering such a great opportunity for kids to learn and improve, and well done to your team. I've been so impressed by professionalism and care shown. Bravo!" - Sonya Malavazos

"We have been a part of Tiger Tennis for the past 6 years and have found Dane to be a professional, enthusiastic and fun coach. He ensures involvement for all students at any skill level with each lesson well organised, focusing on a different skill each time. My son has also received private lessons which have been fantastic at improving his skill level as well as fitness which has also helped in his other sports. We have enjoyed being a part of Tiger Tennis and I would highly recommend Dane as a Tennis Coach to anyone who is looking at improving their tennis or fitness." - Lisa Andreasen.

"I have suffered from Tennis Elbow for over a year now. When I took my racquet to Tiger Tennis for a restring, Dane suggested to try a softer string and lower the tension. After 3 weeks of playing, the pain is greatly relieved from my elbow with the racquet now absorbing most of the shock rather than my arm. Thank you Tiger Tennis!" - Will Scott.

Thanks for the quick delivery of my daughter's new racquet! She loves hitting the ball against the wall on the side of our house. If we lived in Adelaide I would book her in for some lessons! - Christene Phillips.

"My daughter has been attending private tennis lessons with Tiger Tennis weekly for the past two and a half years. Choosing to stay at every lesson has given me an opportunity to see first hand why Dane is so successful as a tennis coach. While offering continual positive re-inforcement, acknowledgement of effort, constructive criticism and absolute attention to correct technique, Dane makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. His friendly, approachable manner along with his professionalism would encourage me to highly recommend Dane to others."  - Linda Banwell.

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU as the hit-up I had on Saturday was fantastic!  The re-string you did is great and the string type and/or tension has improved the power of my game.  I will certainly be back to see you when it’s time for another re-string."  - Kellie.

"I used the re-strung racquet in the last few matches of the year (including our Grand Final) and several practice sessions.  It is much better with the new (Black Core) stringing, which I suspect is a mixture of a good quality string and good stringing set-up.  It also only needed about 1 hour to settle down to its current level. The tension suits me well with enough power but also good control.  The strings do not move and the racquet now has a good feel but without noticeable vibration.  Spin on backhand and forehand is excellent e.g. drop shots and wide slices.  Serving is also good on flat/fast or sliced.

Thanks for a good stringing service and I will go for the same strings again.  I also like the black colour !" - Neil


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