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We offer professional stringing at an extremely competitive price. We guarantee the highest quality racquet restring service possible with over 17 years experience stringing racquets.

If you have not broken a string and wondering if you need to restring your racquet, the conventional rule of thumb is to restring as often per year as you play per week, but no less than twice per year. It won't hurt your racquet to restring less often, but your strings may lose their tension over time.

We can cater for players looking for control, increased spin, power and durability.

Our String Range

Babolat Pro Hurricane 1.25mm (poly string - comfort, durable) $44.95

Babolat RPM Blast 1.25mm (poly string - spin, durable) $44.95

Babolat RPM Team 1.25mm (poly string - spin, comfort) $44.95

Babolat Synthetic Gut Neutral 1.25mm (comfort) $39.95

Babolat Synthetic Gut Hyper Pink 1.25mm (comfort) $39.95

Babolat VS Team Natural Gut 1.25mm (ultimate comfort, feel) $104.95

Forten Competition Nylon 1.25mm (economy) 34.95

Head Intellitour 1.23mm (comfort) $44.95

Head Synthetic Gut 1.34mm (comfort) $39.95

Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 1.25mm (comfort, power) $55.00

Prince Tournament Nylon 1.38mm (economy) $34.95

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 1.30mm (comfort) $39.95

Tecnifibre Poly Spin 1.27mm (spin, durable) $44.95

Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 1.20mm (comfort) $44.95

Tecnifibre Black Code 1.24mm (comfort) $44.95                             

Bring Your Own String $25.00


How Long Should A Restring Last? This depends on many factors, including the type of string being used, how hard you hit the ball, the amount of spin you put on the ball etc. If you are breaking strings too often for your liking, and that will vary between people, you have to consider changing your string to a more durable one, remembering that more durability usually means less feel/playability, or accept that you will be restringing more often than once or twice per year.

What Is The Right Tension For Me? Usually, the looser you string a racquet, the more power you should get and the tighter you string a racquet, the more control you get.

If you are unsure about which tension you play with there is no simple test to find out what tension you have, however I would recommend stringing at a medium level, say 56 - 57 lbs.

A racquet also loses a few pounds within a few weeks of being strung, due to the strings stretching. So if you are unhappy with the feel of your racquet once strung, give it a few weeks to loosen off. If it still feels terrible, bring it back to get restrung.

Generally, a loose string is also better if you suffer from tennis elbow too, as it reduces the stress on your forearm.


Our Stringing Machine

Our stringing machine (iStringer Elektra Pro) is one of the most accurate machines on the market with a constant pull electronic tensioning system, string prestretching option and a 6 point mounting system that evenly distributes the stress on the frame under stringing conditions. The iStringer is capable of tensioning within 0.1 lbs increments for those players that are extremely particular about what tension they would like their racquet. The machine also has the option for normal or slow speed tensioning which causes less stress on certain strings.

Below is a general table of racquet tensions:

50lbs           The lowest we will string usually

56 - 57lbs   The tension to get if you don't know

65lbs           The maximum we will string a racquet

Why We Only String Up To 65lbs? The time a racquet is most likely to break is when stringing it due to the large tensions involved, and the racquet being slightly unbalanced during the initial stages of stringing.  Some stores are willing to string at this tension but due to the risks involved we will not.

Racquet Regrips

If your grip is worn or becoming slippery then it may be time for a regrip. Choose either an overgrip or a full replacement grip.

Overgrips are wrapped over your original grip and are very comfortable however will slightly will increase the thickness of your grip. A replacement grip offers comfort without changing the diameter of your handle. 

Overgrip $5    

Replacement Grip $15

Online Mobile Restringing Service

Take advantage of Adelaide's only online restringing service. If you don't have the time to drop off and collect your racquet, we offer a pick up and delivery service to your door anywhere in the Adelaide Metropolitan area for a $14.95 fee. This charge is inclusive of up to 3 racquets in the one pick up. You will also have the option to regrip your racquet. Simply fill in the form below and we will see you soon! (Payment made upon delivery).


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