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Welcome to our South Australian school tennis coaching information page. Our school program is specifically designed for Rec to year 7 students who wish to learn the correct technique on all strokes in tennis.  For over 10 years we have been running our tennis coaching clinics in SA public and private schools. Our course runs over the duration of 8 x 45 min lessons during any given school term (week 2 - week 9). Age groups are divided into (Rec - Year 3) & (Year 4 - Year 7).

Each lesson focuses on a particular stroke where the student will be taught the correct grips, footwork and technique. An introduction to scoring will also be covered. Hand-eye coordination drills will also be focused on. All students are presented with a certificate of participation on the final lesson.

The term coaching syllabus is as follows:
Lesson 1 - Introduction to forehands
Lesson 2 - Introduction to backhands & tennis scoring.
Lesson 3 - Combination shots (changing grips from forehand to backhand)
Lesson 4 - Introduction to forehand volley
Lesson 5 - Introduction to backhand volley
Lesson 6 - Introduction to overhead smash & combination volleys.
Lesson 7 - Introduction to serve & consolidation of all other strokes.
Lesson 8 - Games, prizes & certificates.

If your school does not have tennis courts we can set up modified courts with portable nets and line markers.

If you are interested in having our tennis clinic at your school or would like to discuss the curriculum in further detail, please email us at


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